2024 Summer Camp

Join us this summer for an extraordinary journey that combines fun, learning, and exploration in some of the world’s most fascinating destinations. Whether you’re looking to uncover the future in Asia, dive into the historical and modern wonders of the UK, experience the vibrant cultures of South Africa, or marvel at the dynamic cities of the UAE, our student summer camps are your gateway to adventure.

Asia Students Summer Camp: Singapore, Malaysia & Qatar

Date : 4th-18th August

Discover the vibrant cities of Singapore, Malaysia, and Qatar through a 15-day educational journey. Dive into a world of advanced technology, rich cultures, and breathtaking architecture with guided tours, theme park visits, and leadership workshops designed for young learners

Student : $4,990 | Adult : $5,200

United Kingdom Students Summer Camp: Liddington & London

Date : 19th-29th July

Step into the heart of England with our 11-day immersive camp. Explore iconic landmarks like Big Ben and the London Eye, participate in educational activities, and make new friends. With comprehensive travel and medical insurance, you’re set for a worry-free and enriching summer.


South Africa Students Summer Trip: Johannesburg & Cape Town

22nd – 29th August

Embark on an 8-day adventure through the stunning landscapes of South Africa. From Johannesburg’s historic streets to the scenic beauty of Cape Town, enjoy guided tours, fun activities, and shopping, all tailored for a dynamic student experience

Student : $1,990 | Adult : $2,100

UAE Students Summer Camp: Abu Dhabi & Dubai

12th-22nd August

Experience the excitement of the UAE in an 11-day camp across Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Visit architectural marvels, engage in cultural excursions, and attend the exclusive Adnasi #11 Desert Party. Your summer is guaranteed to be packed with learning and unforgettable moments

Student : $2,390 | Adult : $2,490

Each package includes flights, accommodations, daily meals, and a comprehensive itinerary designed to educate and inspire. With limited spots available, ensure your place in our summer camps by registering now. Transform your summer into an adventure of a lifetime with

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