Insure & Travel for Free

With this scheme, customers can purchase a Motor, Home or Travel Insurance underwritten by Enterprise Insurance through any of Adansi Travels’ offices or the link below, and gain commissions in the form of travel points.

You can redeem your travel points to discount any of the services you purchase from Adansi travels such as Airline ticketing, Hotel bookings, Visa consultation, Study Abroad or to purchase any of the travel packages both local and international sold by Adansi Travels.

You can provide us with your details. Anytime your vehicle insurance is due we will reach out to you to complete it for you from the convenience of your home or office.

Enterprise Insurance has 3 main motor insurance products and 2 enhanced products on sale. The three main motor insurance products are: Third-Party, Third-party fire & Theft and Comprehensive Insurances.

The 2 enhanced products are the Third party amplified (This is a third-party insurance with an extra cover for your wind screen, side mirror or minor scratches) and Comp Extra (This is a comprehensive insurance which gives extra value for customers.Customers can choose between 3 extra benefits namely: loss of use, misfuelling and ride sharing)

You can also click on the link below to obtain a quote for whatever type of insurance you wish to tak


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Insure and Travel for free is an insurance reward scheme born out of partnership between Adansi Travels and Enterprise Insurance Company, and spearheaded by the Boss Travel Club. 

Contact the numbers below if you require any further assistance or you desire to speak to an agent:

+233594048765 or +233593864274










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